Introductory Teachings

Entering the Path

These dharma talks present an introduction to the path of study and practice offered by Dharma Ocean.

The talks, drawn from the past eight years of Reggie Ray’s retreat instructions, give an overview of what this tradition is about.

 Online Teachings

  • River of Life
  • From the Standpoint of Love
  • Trust Your Heart
  • The Burning Flame of Life
  • Saying Yes to Our Relative Lives
  • The View of Meditating with the Body
  • The Embodied Journey
  • Discovering the Dharma Anew

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Emotional Awakening

A distinctive feature of Vajrayana Buddhism is the view that emotions — all emotions, not just pleasant ones — are intelligent expressions of energy that can open unique doors in our development and eventually lead us to the awakened state itself. In this talk, Reggie discusses the role of emotions in meditation practice, how to not take your emotions personally, and how emotions can help free us from the conceptual overlay of ego. By understanding this view, our experience of emotional life becomes a gateway to the vast space of awareness.

Online Teachings

  • Emotions in Vajrayana Practice
  • Emotions in the Development of Ego
  • Energy and Space
Exiting From Emotion
  • Chaos Obliterates Ego
Instructions for Practicing with Emotions

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Unconditional Acceptance

Maitri is the traditional Buddhist practice of extending loving-kindness toward ourselves. Here Reggie presents the essence of Maitri training. We learn to step outside of our own conditioned judgments and criticisms so that we can become more spacious, accommodating, and kind with ourselves. Included in this selection is a guided Tonglen (sending and taking) practice that shows us how to reflect tenderness and love toward those parts of our experience that we so often judge and reject.

These talks were originally delivered during Dathün retreats held between 2002 and 2010.

Online Teachings

  • Maitri – Path Without Judgment
  • Maitri is Loving Kindness
  • Living the Dharma
  • Healing Beyond Dependency
  • Freedom Through Maitri
Unconditional Acceptance
  • Vajrayana Maitri Practice
  • Our Journey Together

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Introduction to Tantra

In this retreat recording, Reggie explains, “Tantra is found in the raw human emotions. It’s found in the meltdowns. It’s found in the incredibly painful disruptions we have with the people we love. It’s found in the earth under us. The important point is that spirituality, as it’s viewed in the Tantric tradition, is not about becoming someone higher, bigger, or better. It’s not a self-improvement technique. It’s not about figuring out a way to get rid of the unwanted parts of our personality. It’s not about becoming peaceful. It’s not about becoming kind and loving to everybody — although that is the end result. Tantra is about letting go of all our attempts to try to change ourselves. It’s surrendering to everything we are and being willing to be one with it.” In that, we discover the sacredness of what we have always been.

The teachings and guided meditations in this eight session retreat were recorded at a weekend program Reggie led in Portland, Oregon in 2009.

Online Teachings

  • Introduction to Tantra
  • Opening to Reality
  • Belly Breathing
  • Connecting to the Depths
  • The Birth of Creativity
  • Working with the Breath
  • Embodied Meditation
  • Gateways in the Body

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