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Deep Silence: A Journey Into Stillness

June 22 - June 30


There is a knowing stored in the body, a deep wisdom entwined with our very being. As we come into contact with this, we begin to explore the relationship between discipline and freedom, stillness and fullness, will and surrender.

In this retreat, we will delve into Dharma Ocean’s somatic practices and the Practice of Pure Awareness---the simple practice of sitting meditation---to bring ourselves into our full human experience. We will practice mostly in stillness, in silence, and in the discipline of our seated posture. By holding ourselves there, we will be guided gently to the root of our awareness.

We will have an opportunity to experience a profound intimacy with this moment and with our ordinary bodies and minds. Breath after breath, moment after moment, our practice will be to turn inward, again and again, into what is here, now. Where else could we begin? Where else could we end?

This retreat will require long periods of sitting and walking meditation. Please read our full Requirements for Residential Retreats.



Blazing Mountain Retreat Center

Crestone, CO


[email protected]

An Invitation from Bryn Rees and Eva Freeman

About the Program

This retreat will focus largely on the Dharma Ocean’s Ground Yana practices, as well as the Practice of Pure Awareness. While there will be guided meditations and talks, the intention of this retreat is to allow participants to become immersed in their own experience and to spend the majority of their time on retreat in silent meditation.  

A Guided Practice from Bryn: “Sitting in Emptiness”

Retreat Dates

June 22 – June 30, 2019

About the Teachers

Bryn Rees has stated that through study, practice, and life with Reggie and Dharma Ocean, he found his home. This home was not just in a particular place, community, or set of relationships, but rather in the unfolding of life moment by moment. For Bryn, the heart of the path is opening simply to the wild and unknown wisdom of the present moment.  His invitation to all students is the possibility of applying the essential practices of meditation to a full modern life. Bryn’s teaching style combines an openness to all people and experiences, with a focus on the integrity of practice.


Eva Freeman is deeply inspired by the unique way the dharma shows up in each of our lives. The spiritual journey offers her the foundation from which to find presence in and appreciation for the unfolding experience of daily life. Through the teachings and practices of Dharma Ocean, Eva feels compelled to lean into her own edge and vulnerability, making discoveries that continually open up her being to the wonder of this human journey. Eva encourages students to explore and tend to their own inner wisdom that is naturally uncovered through the practice of meditation.



Registration is now closed for this program. For more information, please contact: [email protected].


Retreat Details

The total price of the retreat ranges from $1,080 – $1,880, depending on your choice of housing. This includes food, tuition, lodging, and tax.

Please plan to arrive between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. on the first day of the retreat. Departure will be following breakfast, on the last day of the retreat June 30. 

If you are staff for this program, please plan on arriving a day early and departing at 5:00 p.m. on departure day. Check out our Program FAQ page for other important information about being on retreat at Blazing Mountain. For any further questions please email us at [email protected]

Accommodations and Dining

Lodging for this event will be on-site only, and participants can choose from a number of options as they go through the registration process. To see the type of rooms available, look to BMRC Accommodations.

We are committed to sourcing the healthiest possible local, sustainable, and/or organic whole foods available to us from local farms and suppliers. In the kitchen, we prepare food in ways that are nutritionally balanced, beneficial to health and practice, and take into account all dietary preferences and restrictions. You can inform us of your dietary restrictions when registering.

Learn more about BMRC Dining.



Dharma Ocean will offer a private charter bus service directly from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Blazing Mountain Retreat Center for this program. The charter is the only transportation option provided by Dharma Ocean for participants.  There are limited seats available for this service. You must choose this option at registration if you need this service and would like to guarantee a seat. The cost of the charter is $160 per round trip. If you do plan to use the charter service make sure your inbound flight allows for enough time to assemble for boarding the charter bus by 12:30 pm. We recommend that your flight arrives before 11:30 a.m.

The charter will drop you off at DIA around 11:15 a.m. on departure day. We recommend an outbound flight at 1:30 p.m. or later to ensure you have enough time to catch your plane.

Volunteer Staff Travel

Volunteer staff must arrive the day before the program begins, prior to dinner at 6:30 p.m.  There will be no charter service on those days. Please visit the Getting Here page on the Blazing Mountain website for a step-by-step guide to planning your transportation.


For general information about traveling to our retreat center, please see the Getting Here page on the Blazing Mountain website.


There are both scholarships and fellowships available for this program through the links. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL US AT 303-955-2574 or EMAIL US: [email protected]