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Radiant Soma: Parts I and II

June 12 - June 27



The first retreat runs June 12 - 18 
The second retreat runs June 20 - 27 

When we sit in meditation, let go of tension, relax our habitual patterns of thought, open our hearts to the world just as it is, and settle into the full depth of our somatic awareness, a natural radiance shines forth: the light of our basic goodness and inherent wisdom.

Radiant Soma is a two-part meditation program that will allow practitioners of all levels of experience to explore the view and practices of the Dharma Ocean lineage, and, in doing so, deepen their relationship with the luminosity and boundless space of their own true nature.

The first retreat is open to the public; the second retreat has some prerequisites. The first retreat, however, is not required in order to attend the second one.

Both programs will be held at the Lebensgut Retreat Centre in the beautiful countryside of Saxony, Germany, and will be taught by Dr. Reggie Ray and Caroline Pfohl, Dharma Ocean’s lineage holders.

Part II Application

Registration will open in late April. 


LebensGut Pommritz
Pommritz 1
02627 Hochkirch



The 1st Retreat: Radiant Soma, Part I

The first program, known as Radiant Soma – Part I: Meditation for Awakening the Body, runs from June 12 to June 18, and is open to practitioners of all levels. Meditation for Awakening the Body will be a deep immersion in the bodywork and pure awareness practices of the Dharma Ocean lineage.

There are no prerequisites for participating in this program, although some experience with Dharma Ocean’s foundational somatic meditation practices (i.e., 10-Points Practice, Earth Descent, Yin Breathing, etc.) would be helpful.

Registration for this program will open near the end of April.

The two Radiant Soma programs being offered this June are individual, stand-alone retreats. Attendance at the first retreat is not a prerequisite for attending the second retreat. However, both programs may be taken together to form one long retreat. See below (“About the Programs”) for more details.

The 2nd Retreat: Radiant Soma, Part II

The second program, known as Radiant Soma – Part II: Meditation for Opening the Heart, runs from June 20 to 27, and will focus on exploring, in some depth, the somatic bodhicitta practices of the lineage. As such, it is intended for practitioners who already have a degree of familiarity with the first three stages, or yanas, of Dharma Ocean’s training path (i.e., the Ground Yana, the Meditation Yana, and the Yana of Love and Compassion).

Specifically, we ask that those attending Meditation for Opening the Heart meet the following criteria, as far as possible:

  1. Have attended at least one residential Dharma Ocean program anywhere in the world
  2. Have completed the Awakening the Body online program
  3. Have completed The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness online program

It would also be desirable (but not necessary) for participants to have taken The Boundless Heart and Loving the Self online program.

If you meet the criteria, you are invited to apply for Radiant Soma – Part II: Meditation for Opening the Heart.  Registration will open at the end of April, and those who have taken the survey will be given the first chance to register. 

Radiant Soma Part II Survey

In order for us to determine both how many people would be interested in attending this second retreat and how many meet the criteria set out above, we are sharing a short survey with you:

Take the Survey

The survey will allow you to confirm you meet these particular requirements.

There are also opportunities for you to indicate where you have other relevant experience (i.e., you have completed the Meditating with the Body residential program or the Your Breathing Body audio program, as equivalents to Awakening the Body) that makes you eligible for Meditation for Opening the Heart.

Finally, there is a section for those who have a mature meditation practice, but meet few, if any, of the formal requirements, to make a case to be considered for the program. These submissions will be reviewed directly by the program leaders.

The closing date for completion of the survey is Sunday, April 14.

About the Programs

As mentioned above, the two Radiant Soma programs being offered this June are individual, stand-alone retreats.

Attendance at Radiant Soma – Part I: Meditation for Awakening the Body (June 12 to 18) is not a prerequisite for attending Radiant Soma – Part II: Meditation for Awakening the Heart (June 20 to 27).

However, we believe that doing the two programs back-to-back would constitute a powerful meditative journey, and are encouraging anyone who can attend both programs to do so.

(Please note that those who register for both program may stay at the venue between the close of the first retreat and the start of the second. The plan is that these interim days will be devoted to silence and personal practice. Those who are attending the first retreat only will be required to leave the venue on June 18, and those attending the second retreat only are invited to arrive after 2 p.m. on June 20.)

Retreat Costs:

We are still working out exactly what each retreat will cost, but we do have some projected figures that might help you manage your own budget for the programs.

At the moment, we estimate that tuition for each program will be about €55 per day.

In terms of accommodation, there are many options, ranging from camping at €15 per day to a single room with bath at €75 per day, and many other choices in between (dorms, double rooms, shared twin rooms, etc.)

Finally, food (including coffee, tea, and water) will cost approximately €35 per day.

Retreat Dates:

Radiant Soma, Part I: June 12 – 18
Radiant Soma, Part II: June 20 – 27

About the Teachers

Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Ray draws on four decades of study and intensive Reggie_Ray-229-150x150meditation practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to address the unique problems, inspirations, and spiritual imperatives of modern people. He is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the practice, study, and preservation of the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the practice lineage he embodied. Read full biography.


Caroline Pfohl is the lineage successor of the Dharma Ocean lineage. Her spiritual journey has included three decades of study and practice in Chan, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism.  Within Dharma Ocean, she holds the role of Desung (Protector of Joy), and drawing on lifelong work in educating and healing, she takes the lead in bringing somatic meditation into the arenas of mentoring, relationships, family, well-being, and the arts. Read full biography. 


Registration for both programs will open later in April.


Lebensgut is located just outside the small town of Pommritz in Saxony, Germany. It is easily accessible from Berlin and Dresden (the nearest airports), and from anywhere on the main European rail networks. The best place to book train tickets is via the Deutsche Bahn website.


There will be a limited number of scholarships available for this program. More details will be posted here shortly.