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Reality on the Body’s Terms

April 26 - April 28



This residential weekend, suitable for all level of meditators, will focus on foundational teachings of the Dharma Ocean Lineage: the six core somatic practices as outlined in Reggie Ray’s book “The Awakening Body”.

The teachings of the six core somatic practices provide the tools and understanding needed to cultivate a relationship with the self-existing wakefulness, wisdom, and love that is discovered within the body. By learning how to open our awareness into our cells, into the earth, into the depth of our Being we begin to relax into what the body knows and what it wants to express in the world. We learn that in fact there is no other Reality than that which is experienced in the Body.



Gainesville Retreat Center
Gainesville, FL


Dave Kotinsley

About the Program

Throughout the course of the weekend there will be guided practice, presentations on the view of somatic meditation, time to join together in discussion, and optional one-on-one meetings with the teacher.

Retreat Dates:

Begins Friday, April 26 at 5 p.m.

Ends Sunday, April 28 at 4 p.m.

About the Teacher

Jake La Botz 

Jake La Botz is a teacher in the Dharma Ocean Lineage and a longtime student of Reggie Ray. He began practicing and studying meditation in 2001 upon the soul-fulfilling discovery of Chogyam Trungpa’s teachings. After a couple of years searching for a living teacher Jake attended a month-long retreat with Reggie and realized the teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche were alive and well. Professionally a songwriter and performer Jake enjoys connecting with people in a personal and earthy way (through whatever means available!). He leads a weekly meditation group at home in Nashville, TN, and also brings these teachings into prisons.

Registration and Cost

Registration is through Dave Kotinsley, at sleepydaverulz@gmail.com

Prices for the weekend are $155 for commuters, $180 for multi-occupancy room onsite, $225 for single room onsite. All prices are inclusive of meals and the program fee.

Meals will be vegetarian with special diet options.