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Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive – Part I: The Foundation Yana

February 25 - May 7


Dharma Ocean’s online Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive offers practitioners an opportunity to deepen their understanding and experience of the lineage embodied by Reggie Ray and his teacher, Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche.

In order to encourage a detailed exploration of the Sutrayana teachings and practices, this program is presented in two parts - Part I: The Foundation Yana and Part II: The Mahayana (offered in the fall). Each part consists of a 10-week course of study and practice that is engaged at home, deep within our daily lives.

Part I of the Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive focuses upon the foundational stages of human spiritual development. Teachings on basic goodness, karma, and egolessness are presented. Practices that facilitate a personal experience of these teachings - aspects of the Meditating with the Body curriculum and the Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness - are engaged. Part II focuses on the Mahayana stage of development.

Program Format

Throughout the Sutrayana Intensive, participants engage a college-style curriculum that presents the basic perspectives of this lineage through a wide range of readings, listenings, and practices.

Successful completion of this training program requires regular participation in online group discussions. Such participation involves posting reflections and responses to assigned study questions and fellow students’ comments at least once or twice each week. Ongoing communication with an assigned meditation instructor via email and group calls is also expected.

The final section of this event - and the second requirement for successful program completion - offers an at-home exam. The exam is designed to give participants one more opportunity to refine their understanding of presented material and, through this, their experience of the Dharma Ocean lineage.

As with any study program of this depth, participants should expect to dedicate 10-15 hours per week to the above. It is recommended all potential participants reflect upon their lives’ capacity to support such a commitment prior to registering.  

Participation in Part II (offered in fall) requires successful completion of the Foundation Yana portion of this program, or any previous Sutrayana event offered by Dharma Ocean. As noted, successful completion is determined by a combination of regular program engagement and the display of appropriate understanding in the at-home exam.

Since completion of the entire Sutrayana Intensive is a prerequisite for Dharma Ocean’s Vajra Assembly, interested individuals should plan to complete Sutrayana Mahayana in the year prior to attending this latter program.





Invitation from Neil McKinlay

In this short video, Neil talks about what you can expect from the Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive.

Foundation Yana Embodiment Protocol, from the 2018 Course

About the Teacher

A student of Reggie’s since 1999, Neil’s teaching reflects an ongoing interest in the rich intersection of spirituality and everyday life. A partner, parent, and householder, he is curious about how deep engagement with this lineage affects our relationship with the ‘ordinary.’ Neil’s straightforward and accessible instruction encourages all of us to understand and integrate these teachings within the context of our varied and vibrant daily lives.

Program Calendar

The Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive will take place over five two-week units. While some schedule changes may occur, our expected milestones will be:

Monday February 11 Program Registration Closes
Friday February 22 Program Website Opens
Monday February 25 Unit One Begins
Tuesday March 6 Unit One Live Talk
Monday March 11 Unit Two Begins
Tuesday March 19 Unit Two Live Talk
Monday March 25 Unit Three Begins
Tuesday April 2 Unit Three Live Talk
Monday April 8 Unit Four Begins
Tuesday April 16 Unit Four Live Talk
Monday April 22 At Home Exam Distributed
Monday May 6 At Home Exam Submitted
Tuesday May 7 Final Live Talk
Friday May 10 Discussion Groups Close
Friday July 26 Hinayana Website Closes

All live talks will be provided as recordings.

Reading List

  • Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism – Chögyam Trungpa, Shambhala Publications.
  • Heart of the Buddha – Chögyam Trungpa, Shambhala Publications.
  • Indestructible Truth: The Living Spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism – Reginald A. Ray, Shambhala Publications.
  • In the Presence of Masters: Wisdom From 30 Contemporary Tibetan Buddhist Masters – Reginald A. Ray (ed), Shambhala Publications.
  • Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body – Reginald A. Ray, Sounds True.

Registration and Cost

Registration is now closed.


There will be scholarships available for this program. If you are interested,  please register for the program and fill out an application by January 9, 2019. After the deadline, applications will be considered and notified if funds remain available. Click here for more information, and to find the online financial aid application. Applications will be reviewed shortly after the scholarship deadline.