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The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness: The Tantric Style of Embodied Meditation

April 19 - June 27

An Online Immersion with Reggie Ray

This online program centers the simplest and also the most advanced teaching--the essence--of the Tibetan tantric tradition. Pure Awareness, also called the awakened state or the Buddha mind, is our most fundamental nature, a part of ourselves that is neither born nor dies and underlies all of the experiences of our human life.

In this online course, Reggie leads us through the training stages of the Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness. We are invited into embodied awakening as we journey into the limitless openness, wisdom, and joy that are within each of us, waiting just beneath the surface of our everyday experience.

Dharma Ocean online courses are designed to simulate a residential retreat experience in day-to-day life. We have found that the most influential learning comes through immersion in the teachings with live, human guidance and interaction with fellow practitioners.

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Online Program



A Call to Practice: An Invitation and Overview

Meditation: A Way of Life with No Dead Ends or Closed Doors

About the Teacher

Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Ray will be leading this pre-recorded course. Reggie draws on four decades of study and intensive Reggie_Ray-229-150x150meditation practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to address the unique problems, inspirations, and spiritual imperatives of modern people. He is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the practice, study, and preservation of the teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the practice lineage he embodied. Read full biography.

This 10-week online course includes:

  • 16 hours of video teachings and guided meditations from Reggie Ray, recorded specifically for this course.
  • Guidance and accountability through the program by a Dharma Ocean senior teacher.
  • Livestreams with a Dharma Ocean senior teacher, in which they will give live teachings and answer questions (dates are to-be-determined, and both will be viewable after the live events).
  • Discussion forums and video conference calls facilitated by meditation instructors where you can ask questions and connect with other practitioners.
  • Readings and study questions to deepen your learning and practice.

Course Structure

New course materials will be released in units each Thursday for the ten weeks of the program. Participants may engage with that material at any time during the week, and previous weeks’ materials will be available to stream or download.

Participating in the forums is encouraged but not required, as is any engagement with a Dharma Ocean senior teacher or meditation instructor.

The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness website will remain open for up to 60 days after the course is finished, so participants may download materials or go through the course again at their own pace.

What are Dharma Ocean Foundation courses?

These are online courses designed to allow for a deep dive into the core Dharma Ocean practices. Currently, there are three developed courses, Awakening the Body, The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness and Boundless Heart, Loving the Self. These courses are designed to be taken in order. More about the Foundation Courses.

Is this the same as last year’s course?

The recorded materials are the same as last year, although the experience will be unique, with a different community of practitioners, different meditation instructors, and new, live Zoom calls with a senior teacher.

How much time will this course require?

We suggest participants be able to set aside 8-10 hours weekly to get the most out of the course. The talks each week last about an hour. Reggie recommends an additional 45 minutes of daily, guided practice, so you have time for the readings, to relate to the study questions, and to participate in the online Zoom calls and forums.

What happens if I miss a week, get sick, have an emergency, or am away for part of the course?

The materials will be available online for you to listen to whenever it’s convenient, and you will have access to the full website with all of the videos and audio practices for 60 days after the program ends, including downloading the audio teachings.

How does this differ from a live, residential retreat?

Live retreats are more immersive (7-straight days of practice and teaching, for example), and our online courses are designed to be integrated into your daily life. The slower pace of the courses, and the time you have to both practice and to ask questions, means that you are able to take a deep dive into how these practices can impact every part of your life and your most meaningful relationships. This can encourage you to integrate the teachings in a way that does not happen when on residential retreat.

While working with a CD series or a book are both wonderful ways to learn, when we are in the “container” of an online course, there is a sense of accountability through the schedule and through engaging with others in the course. In today’s hectic and distracting world, it can be challenging to complete an online course. These foundation courses are designed to create the kind accountability you would normally find in a residential retreat. Connection with others, group discussions, and personalized instruction all allow for a quality of learning and a depth of insight that can only come when one is engaged with a community of like-minded practitioners.

Prerequisite Training for This Course

This is the second course being developed to offer experiential training in the core somatic teachings and practices of the Dharma Ocean lineage. The courses are designed to be incremental, with each course building on the practices of the previous one. The first course, Awakening the Body: The Way of Somatic Meditation, taught a series of foundational practices that included six core practices:

  • Ten Points Practice
  • Earth Descent and Earth Breathing
  • Yin Breathing
  • Coming into the Central Channel
  • Whole Body Breathing and Rooting
  • Twelvefold Lower-Belly Breathing

Knowing these core practices is a prerequisite for The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness, and participation in the Awakening the Body course is the preferred way to satisfy this prerequisite. These practices can be found in Reggie’s latest book, The Awakening Body.

Registration and Early Bird Discount

Register through this link.

Dharma Ocean is committed to extending the teachings by making our online courses widely available. Therefore, we offer a number of levels of support for those in need.

Tuition for this program is $379. If you register before Thursday, March 2 you will receive a $50 Early Bird discount. Enter “PA-soma” when prompted in the registration process.

For those who need a reduced rate due to various financial circumstances, please register at the Scholarship Tuition rate of $289 (the Early Bird discount still applies). If you need additional support beyond the Scholarship Tuition rate, please click here to complete a financial aid application before registering.