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Vast, Awake, Blazing: A Dharma Ocean Ontario Winter Retreat

January 25, 2018 - January 28, 2018

Exploring the body in the space and stillness of winter

"Everything that can ever be known by us is already known in our cells, these pools of awareness" - Reggie Ray

This retreat is now full, but please contact the coordinator if you'd like to be placed on a waiting list. 

How do we connect with this knowledge of our cells, this deep wisdom of the body? What is the relationship between discipline and freedom, peace and chaos? How do we unite our meditation practice with our everyday lives?

Through bodywork practices and sitting meditation, we will explore these questions through the knowing that arises from the depth of the soma.

Suitable for meditators at every stage of the journey.

You may also arrive by noon on Friday, January 26 and take the retreat Friday - Sunday.


Ecology Retreat Center

Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada


[email protected]

About the Teachers

Jessika Daniel: Jessika has been a student of meditation for 23 years. 11 years ago her life was turned upside down by a weekend retreat with Reggie Ray, and she has been immersed in the Dharma Ocean path ever since.

Most recently she has served as Reggie’s assistant teacher on the online courses of Awakening the Body and Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness. She is a practitioner of acupuncture and traditional Taoist medicine, splitting her time between Rochester, NY and Denver, CO.



Sara Houstoun: Sara began study with Reggie Ray through Naropa online courses in 2005. Immediately feeling a deep resonance with the teachings she attended her first retreat in Crestone in 2006 (with Jessika!) and the continued study and practice of this embodied lineage is the mainstay of her everyday life.

Living in the country in Ontario she is blessed with a continuous connection with nature and inspired by the deep embodiment that arrives when the natural world demands one’s presence.

What to Bring

A zabuton, cushion or thick blanket is required for lying down practice; you may also want a small pillow to support your neck and cervical spine. Also bring an appropriate cushion, zafu, or bench for sitting meditation. Chairs will be available. There will be a limited number of zabutons and cushions available if you are unable to bring your own. The temperature in the practice hall may vary, please bring shawl and/or blanket.

There will be an opportunity for outdoor practice. The Ecology Retreat Centre is within two hundred acres of splendid natural forest in the Niagara Escarpment Hills. Additionally, there is a short walk between buildings so be prepared with warm outdoor clothing and boots.

Coffee, tea, and meals will be provided, but bring your own treats for break time if you so desire.


Our days will be comprised of periods of meditation, lying down practice, sitting and walking, talks and group discussions and teachings. We will be in silence for much of the retreat.  

Refund Policy  

We have guaranteed a certain number of participants. Refunds will be made up to January 11, 2018, provided we have exceeded this quota.  Refunds will incur a $50 administrative fee.