Boundless Heart – Part One

The Somatic Practice of Bodhicitta

Loving the Self

Through the somatic practice of bodhicitta, we come to know our natural state and discover that it is utterly open, filled with luminosity and the energy of awareness. Here we access the most fundamental love welling up within us, longing to be offered to the world.

The Boundless Heart – Part One online course guides students into the third yana, dedicated to awakening our hearts. It offers experiential training in the core somatic teachings and practices of this lineage.

This bodhicitta course explores ultimate bodhicitta⁠ (the fundamental, eternal, infinite openness of the heart) and maitri, or loving-kindness, toward oneself. A somatic understanding of the ultimate and an ability to appreciate the sacredness of our own being are essential in order to love others and to be of benefit to the world.

Boundless Heart – Part One is part of the Dharma Ocean Foundation Series. These Foundation Courses are designed to be incremental, with each course building on the practices of the previous ones. In order to get the most of out this program, participants are required to have taken the online courses Awakening the Body and The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness, or to have gained experience of the practices taught in these courses by attending corresponding Dharma Ocean residential retreats.

Completion of the  Meditating with the Body residential retreat may be used to fulfill the Awakening the Body pre-requisite. Completion of the Winter Meditation Intensive residential retreat or another practice intensive focusing on the somatic practice of pure awareness may be used to fulfill The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness pre-requisite.

  • Teacher: Caroline Pfohl
  • Audience Level: Public Event
  • Dates: September 8 - November 10, 2023

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