Somatic Meditation Two-Part Series

The Primordial Body

This is part 1 of a 2-part series introducing somatic meditation. It includes a number of practices and teachings on working with posture, embodiment in shamatha practice, and working with the central channel.

  1. The View of Meditating with the Body Reginald A Ray 12:32
  2. The Learning Process in Practice Reginald A Ray 23:17
  3. Guided 10 Points Practice Reginald A Ray 46:00
  4. Guided Earth Breathing Reginald A Ray 33:32
  5. Guided 3-Fold Breathing Reginald A Ray 25:24
  6. Working with Posture Reginald A Ray 55:51
  7. Embodied Shamatha Practice Reginald A Ray 31:30
  8. Body of Space Reginald A Ray 53:41
  9. Space and the Central Channel Reginald A Ray 49:25

Download the Primordial Body (zip)

Wisdom of the Body

This is part 2 of a 2-part series introducing somatic meditation. It includes teachings on devotion, the journey, surrender, natural perfection, personal reponsibility, and other topics.

  1. Following Our Spiritual Longing Reginald A Ray 31:15
  2. Devotion to the Depths Reginald A Ray 54:45
  3. The Non-Theistic Journey Reginald A Ray 1:20:00
  4. Training in Reality Reginald A Ray 38:01
  5. Committing to Practice Reginald A Ray 49:13
  6. Journey of the Body Reginald A Ray 41:37
  7. Surrendering to the Totality Reginald A Ray 22:42
  8. Natural Perfection Reginald A Ray 43:13
  9. Personal Responsibility Reginald A Ray 37:56


Download the Wisdom of the Body (zip)

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