June 2020 Board of Directors Letter

Dear Dharma Friends,
In response to our last email, the Board, Caroline, and Reggie have received many emails from you, filled with reports of your practice, expressions of love and devotion for these teachings, and offers to nurture and protect this lineage in all kinds of ways. You have offered your inspirations, your ideas, and your practical help. For all of these, we thank you. It is inspiring to see how much strong energy and commitment there is among you, especially in these painful and trying times. We hear your desire to keep going on this path and to be trained in this lineage and we intend to meet that desire. The real question now—and we welcome your thoughts about this—is what kinds of support you most need right now and then how to organize the training to nurture and enrich each of you in the age of social upheaval and pandemic uncertainty.

The Board continues to evolve in a gradual, organic and natural way, as needs arise. Tantrika Paul Adams recently joined the Board. He has been a Buddhist practitioner for 20 years, initially practicing meditation through the Shambhala organization; he started studying with Reggie in 2014. Paul is an IT executive and on the board his role will include guiding the production of our online courses and also other online events, including some zooms and various online discussion groups we plan to initiate in the future.

We are presently expanding the website, to offer teachings, guided meditations, and practice material to support every level of practice. We are also in the process of opening our existing on line course sequence this fall and planning to record some new one courses to be offered later this year and in 2021. Finally, we have restructured Dharma Ocean so that our operating expenses and staff will be able to continue to offer the teachings.

Right now, we are working to improve our practice support to those of you who are following the Dharma Ocean path and will be in touch about that when we are a little further along in our planning. Again, any suggestions you may have would be most welcome.

Finally, we would like to let you know how impactful your generosity has been in supporting Dharma Ocean. For those who are inspired to contribute toward the present and future life of this lineage, either as regular supporting members or as one time only donors, please visit our website; the donate button is now up and operational. It is understandable that in these challenging days, many of you won’t be able to contribute right now. If this is the case, please remember that your own practice is always the greatest gift you can give to the lineage.

The Dharma Ocean Board of Directors

Chantal Duteau

Maria Vargas

Paul Adams

Reggie Ray

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