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You can access your Dharma Ocean Online Course Library here. Please note that our course library is not part of this website. This link will bring you to our online learning platform.


These online courses are designed to support practitioners in the midst of daily life, so practice and experience can impact how we interact with others, our world, and ourselves. This “in the world” focus encourages the integration of the teachings into all the places we meet and engage our world.

The Foundation Series with Reggie Ray and Caroline Pfohl are go-at-your-own-pace courses designed to introduce students to the main practices offered inside of the Dharma Ocean lineage.

The Sutrayana Series are more scholarly and intensive 12-week courses, in two parts. This series is one of several prerequisites for any student who wishes to apply for the Entering the Vajra World course.


Course Descriptions

The Foundation Series

The four courses in the Foundation Series are designed to introduce participants to the foundational somatic meditation practices of the Dharma Ocean lineage. The courses are sequential, with each course building upon the material of the preceding one. Therefore participants must take each course sequentially, beginning with Awakening the Body and ending with The Vajrayana.

Awakening the Body: The Way of Somatic Meditation

This course leads us in exploring the view and practice of somatic meditation and how it reveals the joy, altruism, and creativity that resides at the core of our being. Designed for beginning and advanced students alike, the training focuses on a series of powerful somatic meditation practices drawn from Tibetan and East Asian Buddhism and spiritual Taoism.

Prerequisites: This course is open to all and is required for enrollment in subsequent Foundation Courses.


The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness: The Tantric Style of Embodied Meditation

This course teaches the simplest and also the most advanced teaching — the essence — of the Tibetan tantric tradition. Pure Awareness is our most fundamental nature that is neither born nor dies and underlies all of the experiences of our human life. 

Prerequisites: Completion of one of these trainings: Awakening the Body online course, Your Breathing Body Volume I audio program, Meditating with the Body five-month training program, The Awakening Body book and audio training, or a Dharma Ocean residential retreat intensive such as the Winter Meditation Intensive.

Boundless Heart I – The Somatic Practice of Bodhicitta: Loving the Self

This first bodhicitta course explores ultimate bodhicitta as well as maitri, loving-kindness, toward oneself. A somatic understanding of the ultimate or dharmakaya, and an ability to appreciate the sacredness of our own being, are essential in order to love others and to be of benefit to the world.

Prerequisites:  Completion of The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness course.

Boundless Heart II – The Somatic Practice of Bodhicitta:
Connection, Communication, and Love

This second part of this course allows us to refine our somatic awareness by further tapping into the subtle warmth and wisdom of our heart. Through embodied bodhicitta (or awakening heart) practices, we discover the heart as the source of wisdom within our body. This course explores relative bodhicitta.

Prerequisites:  Completion of The Boundless Heart I.

The View and Approach of Vajrayana

A series of  6 month courses introducing the history, view, and practice of the Vajrayana tradition in Indian and Tibet for those interested in learning more about this tradition.

Prerequisites: None. These courses are open to all.

The Sutrayana Online Series

Sutrayana is the Tibetan classification of “yanas”, or Buddhist mode of practice that leads to the realization of one’s true nature.

Sutrayana study focuses more on the philosophical underpinnings of our lineage. The Sutrayana online course series includes an introduction course and a two-part course that offers in-depth study in the classical Hinayana and Mahayana teachings.

The courses allow an opportunity to study the teachings and integrate them into our daily lives. The curriculum of each course include assigned readings, study questions, talks, exams, and live teaching sessions with a Dharma Ocean teacher. Participants examine the foundational perspectives of this lineage. Guided meditations, ongoing contemplations, active discussion groups, and a continuing relationship with a personal meditation instructor help bring these perspectives to life.

There are no prerequisites for Sutrayana Part One: The Hinayana. However, Sutrayana Part Two: The Mahayana requires the successful completion of part one. Both are necessary for those who are interested in the Vajrayana stage of the journey and intend on applying for the Entering the Vajra World online course. Sutrayana students who are interested in the Vajrayana are required to actively participate in discussion groups and pass the course exams.

Sutrayana – Part One: The Hinayana

Part One of the Sutrayana series is an online offering where practitioners can deepen their understanding of the view of the teachings of the “first turning of the wheel of dharma.”

Prerequisites: This course is open to all and is required for students interested in registering for Sutrayana – Part 2: The Mahayana.

Sutrayana – Part Two: The Mahayana

The second part of the Sutrayana study course provides an in-depth exploration of the view of the second and third turnings of the wheel of Dharma.

Prerequisites for this course:  Completion of Sutrayana – Part One: The Hinayana.


Additional Courses

Somatic Descent: Communicating with the Soma

Somatic Descent builds on what you have learned and practiced in The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness course. Through weekly study, practice, and discussion, you will learn how to stay rooted in the Soma’s way of knowing whether on or off the cushion.  And you will deepen your capacity to apply the Soma’s wisdom to any aspect of your life that you choose to explore – or that the Soma brings to your attention.

Prerequisites:  Completion of The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness course.

Meditating with the Body: Touching Enlightenment


Meditating with the Body is a training program developed by the Buddhist scholar and meditation teacher Dr. Reggie Ray. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the body is considered to be the gateway to enlightenment — to discover the body is to discover awareness and our own most direct and effective path to profound spiritual transformation.

Designed for beginning and experienced meditators alike, this in-depth training focuses on a series of transformative body-based meditation practices drawn from Tibetan Yoga. The comprehensive five-month program cultivates learning and discovery through systematic study, intensive practice, group retreats, and integration of the practices into daily life.

Prerequisites:  This course is open to all.

Our Continuing Journey

The inspiration for the course is to review and deepen in the practices learned in the Awakening the Body and The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness online programs. The curriculum includes live gatherings every other week with meditation instructors, readings Reggie’s book from Shambhala Publications The Practice of Pure Awareness, revisiting each of the practices that were offered in the Pure Awareness course, and study questions for contemplation.

Prerequisites: Completion of The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness course.

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