The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness: Introduction and Orientation

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This page is offered as a brief orientation to the upcoming online course The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness (SPPA).

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Welcome to a brief introduction and orientation for The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness course. This page will help you get oriented to the course before our first day, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 16.

On that day you’ll receive a link to our Pure Awareness website, a stand-alone website that is different from this page. That website will allow you to access:

  • Live Streams: we’ll be offering two live streams with Reggie, where you’ll have an opportunity to bring him your questions and comments about the practice. Our live streams will be held April 11th and May 2nd at 10 a.m. MT.
  • Video Teachings: these are posted with each unit, and also available as audio downloads. You’ll be receiving one unit each week.
  • Guided Meditations: please schedule 40 minutes each day for meditation. Each week, work with the recording until you are familiar with the practice, and then at a certain point you may wish to practice without the recording. Some units in this course will not include guided meditations.
  • Practice Instruction: here you’ll find background on how to engage a particular week’s meditation practice.
  • Practice Notebook: Jessika Daniel, the Assistant Teacher, will be posting regularly to this page, with reflections, quotes, instructions, and announcements. You’re invited to comment and post questions here.
  • Readings: these are offered weekly as experiential contemplations, rather than as information to be consumed.
  • Study Questions: these are intended to deepen your journey. They will not be graded; there is no exam. You may wish to explore these questions in the discussion forums or in your weekly zoom call with your meditation instructor.
  • Meditation Instructors: you’ve been assigned to a small discussion group led by a meditation instructor. Each “MI” is an experienced practitioner in the Dharma Ocean community. Your MI will be your primary point of contact in the program.
  • Live Weekly Discussion Group: each week your meditation instructor will host a video discussion via zoom. This will be a time to explore the teachings in a community setting. You’ll be sent a schedule for weekly calls once the course begins.
  • Online Discussion Forums: each participant will be assigned to an online discussion forum. This provides a space for lively written discussion in between your weekly calls with your small group.

If you have questions, please contact the coordinators at [email protected].



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