Entering the Path

These dharma talks present an introduction to the path of study and practice offered by Dharma Ocean. The talks, drawn from the past eight years of Reggie Ray’s retreat instructions, give an overview of what this tradition is about.

  1. River of Life Reginald A. Ray 17:46
  2. From the Standpoint of Love Reginald A. Ray 14.55
  3. Trust Your Heart Reginald A. Ray 16:17
  4. The Burning Flame of Life Reginald A. Ray 17:16
  5. Saying Yes to the Journey Reginald A. Ray 5:50
  6. The Way of Embodiment Reginald A. Ray 11:16
  7. Meditating with the Body Reginald A. Ray 12:01
  8. Discovering the Dharma Anew Reginald A. Ray 15:44
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