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When we experience our natural state, the world appears as a timeless moment within the totality. Our ability to experience this becomes infinite.


The mission of Dharma Ocean is threefold: first, to study and practice the teachings of the “practicing lineage,” as articulated by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, emphasizing especially his Vajrayana dharma; second to transmit to others the view and the step by step path to realization of the practicing lineage; and third, to make whatever adjustments and adaptations, such as a greater emphasis on embodiment and direct experience, as may be necessary in order to render this lineage fully accessible in our present world.

“Meditation is learning to tap into the wisdom, inspiration and unconditional love of the body. All we need to do is let go and let the body show us our true life.”
— Reggie Ray

Core Themes and Values

Dharma Ocean is a lineal descendent of the “practicing lineage” of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and an expression of his Vajrayana teachings. It provides a path to spiritual realization that is clear, direct, accessible, and imminently doable in the modern world. It is all about fully inhabiting our life and our world as sacred; it is about becoming a complete human being and finding our true place within the infinity of being.

Somatic Mediation

Somatic Meditation

The body is the ground, or foundation, of our meditation because the non-dual awareness that is our most fundamental nature is seated in and pervades the body… All of our direct experience, which is what awareness knows and what we work on in meditation, arises in the body.

Dharma Ocean Path

The Path

The ancient Vajrayana tradition lays before us a path to realize the radiant wisdom that illuminates not only ourselves, but shines through everything we see and touch. This brilliance is our natural human condition — our fundamental nature. This is what is meant in the Vajrayana by “realization;” the experience of brimming over2 with freedom, joy, and selfless love.

Meditation Resources

Meditation is the simple yet profound practice of awakening to our basic nature. Through the practice of meditation, we are gradually able to let go of what is not truly us, leaving exposed to the brilliant, awakened state, that which is what we really are.

Subscribing to a Dharma Ocean Membership provides access to a comprehensive library of talks, practice materials and guided meditations.

Online Programs

These online courses are designed to support practitioners in the midst of daily life, so practice and experience can impact how we interact with others, our world, and ourselves. This “in the world” focus encourages the integration of the teachings into all the places we touch our world.

BMRC Meditation Hall and Shrine Room

Residential Retreats

The experience of gathering together for instruction, and the opportunity to practice together in a setting that is serene and safe is incalculable. To learn more about Dharma Ocean’s retreat center in Crestone, Colorado visit the Residential Retreats page.

View the calendar to see future offerings for gathering, and subscribe below to be notified when retreats at Blazing Mountain Retreat Center are announced.

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