Discover Somatic Descent

The three practices below are taken from the accompanying audio to the Shambhala published book, Somatic Descent. They offer a taste of the Somatic Descent: The Wisdom of the Body self paced course.

In the fourth yana we bring our meditative awareness fully into the density, energy, and eventfulness of our body. Through the practice we see that the body is always showing us what sort of response, direction, or action may be called for at any given time, and can in fact be relied upon as a primary practical resource for decision-making in our everyday life.

Before exploring the Yana of Somatic Descent it is recommended that you first become familiarized with the Ground Yana practices found in Awakening the Body, The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness in the Meditation Yana, and the bodhicitta practices of the Boundless Heart training in the Yana of Great Compassion.

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