Meditation is learning to tap into the wisdom, inspiration and unconditional love of the body. All we need to do is let go and let the body show us our true life.

There are dozens of different ways one can learn to meditate.


Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Ray, the founder of Dharma Ocean, offers a style of meditation designed to bring attention into the body, which is always in the present moment. This method is a fundamental principle of ancient tantric meditation schools. 

The body is the most direct and perfect path to profound spiritual transformation. It is through our body that we can connect with the inherent, self-existing wakefulness already present within. The body, is always in a profound state of being — all we need to do is access what already exists and abides.

Rather than counting breaths, focusing on breathing, or labeling thoughts, we instead bring our awareness slowly and gently into the body, to discover what’s waiting for us here and now. 

Visit the Foundational Practices page to begin exploring introductory resources for Somatic Meditation and Awareness practices.

LISTEN: In this audio clip Reggie explains what makes the body-centered meditation so different from traditional methods.
A GUIDED PRACTICE: Reggie guides us into bringing our awareness into the body. As we become more familiar with ourselves in this way, we can begin to relax into this natural process.


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