Dharma Ocean Memberships

There are three levels of membership at Dharma Ocean

Each level of membership offers access to unique content curated for the different stages of the journey. In addition to other benefits, Sustaining Members can engage a rich library of topical compilations of teachings.  When you become a Foundation Member, in addition to a curated path of teachings, you can also explore Dharma Ocean’s extensive archive of past retreats. Tantrikas Membership is for those who have completed the training of the foundation yanas and are undertaking Vajrayana practices.


from $5.00/month

Sustaining Members help Dharma Ocean widely offer teachings to people all over the world through offering monthly donations in any amount. At this membership level, students are able to access:

  • Recordings from Introductory Retreats
  • Practice resources (such as shrine photos and chants)
  • 25% discount on tuition for all online programs and retreats
  • 50% discount on all titles in the Dharma Ocean download store
  • Future newsletters and announcements
  • Curated Teaching and Practice Audio Library
  • Dharma Ocean Audio Archive


    from $30.00/month

    This level of membership is for students who are interested in undertaking the full training offered in this lineage. We aspire to meet this level of commitment by offering Training and Path Members all of the benefits of the Sustaining Membership with the addition of:

      • Curated pages of guided practices, teachings, chants, transcripts, and images that align with each “Yana” on the journey;
      • Access to the ever expanding archive of Reggie’s teachings from the past 25 years.


    from $50.00/month

    A Tantrika Membership provides the opportunity for a senior practitioner of the Dharma Ocean path to enter into deep study of the Vajrayana.

    Tantrika Membership is open only to those who are practicing the Vajrayana in this lineage. Completion of the Foundation Yanas training is a prerequisite for Vajrayana training. This level includes all of the benefits of the Sustaining and Foundation Membership levels with the addition of:

      • Curated pages of guided practices, teachings, chants, transcripts, and images from past Vajrayana programs such as Vajra Assemblies, Vajrayana Training Intensives, and Mahamudra Intensives.

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