Explore Meditation Yana practices

These three practices are excerpts from the second of four Foundation Series self paced courses, The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness.

The practices of the Meditation Yana establish the internal, and external posture of sitting, building on the embodiment we have experienced in the Ground Yana practices. The integration of sitting meditation forms the basis of all further practice in the Vajrayana. Through the practice of sitting meditation, we train our minds to be less reactive to thoughts. We cultivate and deepen the experience of pure awareness within our state of being.

We recommend that you follow along with these guided meditations, as an introduction to the Meditation Yana. A familiarization with the Ground Yana practices found in the Awakening the Body self paced course will help. Once you have a good feel for them, consider signing up for The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness self paced course, or one of the teacher-led Meditation Yana offerings such as the Winter/Spring Meditation Intensive.