Episode 39: Trust in the Heart

In today’s teaching, Reggie shows how the fundamental truth of the universe is discovered within the human heart. To trust in the heart means being willing to open to what we are feeling and explore the immediacy of life, no matter what we might think about it. This takes courage because it demands vulnerability and an unreasonable commitment to love the full breadth of our experience without judgment. He says that when we surrender our ideas about who we think we are and what we think our life should be, then we can begin to see that our heart is a jewel in Indra’s net: it reflects the full scope of the universe in its absolute splendor and beauty, and it shows us how we are interconnected with all beings throughout time and space.

This talk was given at the 2010 Winter Dathün — a month-long retreat held at the Blazing Mountain Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado. To download more of Reggie’s teachings and to explore a variety of recorded talks and practices to assist you on your spiritual journey, please visit our store.

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