Dharma Ocean Podcast

Episode 50: Christmas Reflections

Today, we’ll listen to brief excerpts from an assortment of talks Reggie gave on the life and teachings of Jesus from a Buddhist perspective. He explains how Jesus was a contemplative prophet who exemplified non-theistic compassion through his rejection of religious materialism and embrace of the pain and suffering of this world. He says that Buddhists can learn important lessons from the story of Christ’s inner and outer journey: that true spiritual practice is not a way of escaping political society, but rather helps us develop the courage to speak honestly and straightforwardly to the confusion, injustice, and corruption of the samsaric world.

These excerpts are taken from a variety of Winter Dathun retreats. To download more of Reggie’s teachings and to explore a variety of recorded talks and practices to assist you on your spiritual journey, please visit our store.

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