Our Basic Nature (POSTPONED)

TEACHER Caroline Pfohl



Meditation is the simple yet profound practice of awakening to our basic nature. Through the practice, we are gradually able to shed layers of conditioning, letting go of everything that is not truly who we are, and exposing the awakened state – the radiant wisdom and compassion at the core of our being.

In this somatic lineage, the body is the ground of meditation, because the non-dual awareness of our most fundamental nature is seated in and pervades the body. In this retreat, we will train in a variety of somatic gates – in the body, in relationship, and in the natural world. Each gate points out a path to awakening to be explored long after the retreat ends, perhaps for the rest of our lives.

This retreat is open to anyone with an interest in somatic meditation and a longing to connect with their basic nature – Buddhanature or basic goodness. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this somatic approach shows you the next steps – in your practice and in opening to a fuller understanding of reality.

The program will include:

    • Sitting, walking and lying down meditation – sitting sessions are generally 45 minutes, alternating with shorter periods of walking and lying down meditation
    • Meditative movement – qigong and lujong
    • Practice with the elements of the natural world, outdoors if the weather permits
    • Dharma talks and group conversations
    • Opportunities to reflect on the teachings and practices in dyads or small groups
    • Deep rest

About the teacher

Caroline Pfohl is Spiritual Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation and Co-Lineage Holder, along with Reggie Ray, of the Dharma Ocean lineage. For 17 years, Caroline has trained and partnered with Reggie to develop the somatic tantric path offered by Dharma Ocean.

Brought up in a contemplative Catholic family, Caroline deepened her early interest in spirituality by gaining an experiential understanding of Daoism and Chan Buddhism during two decades of living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

She also leads the Hemera Foundation, dedicated to the support of modern Buddhism, spiritual innovation and secular contemplative approaches to education and wellbeing.

The practice of silence

There will be significant periods of silence during this retreat. The practice of silence provides a respite from the communication demands of daily life and the habitual patterns we develop to cope with those demands. In silence, we can relax to deeper levels, providing space for interoception to deepen. We can listen to our somatic experience, building the capacity to open without reservation to everything we feel and know, and so aligning with our basic nature.

The practice of silence extends beyond verbal communication, so we ask that you refrain from reading, writing and journaling unless guided to do so by the teacher.


In order to experience the freedom of your basic nature without distraction, we ask that you refrain from using electronics, including phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops etc during the retreat, unless they are necessary for health reasons. Program staff will be happy to hold and safeguard your devices for the duration of the retreat if this is helpful to you.

Price and registration

This retreat has been postponed until further notice.

Image credit: Rach Stewart

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