The following four sections (Yanas) represent the four stages of the Foundation Series, a path of training offered as online, self paced courses and supplemented by teacher-led online and in-person programs. Yana is a Sanskrit word meaning “vehicle”. Each yana facilitates a training journey in the stages of somatic meditation. These stages form the foundation for future Vajrayana training. The sections below serve as entry points, and introductions, to these foundation stages. Here you can explore sample excerpts from available offerings.

ground yana

The training path begins here

Try out some of the practices from the Awakening the Body self paced online course.

meditation yana

The Practice of Pure Awareness

Build on the Ground Yana training and learn how to rest in the sitting posture of pure awareness.

yana of great compassion

Mahayana Practice of Bodhicitta

Explore ultimate bodhicitta and maitri, loving-kindness toward oneself.

yana of somatic descent

The Wisdom of the Body

Learn how to stay rooted in the Soma’s way of knowing whether on or off the cushion.

Mindfulness of the body is the foundation of the meditative journey. By bringing our awareness into the body and using the breath as a vehicle for exploration, we begin to awaken to the dynamic aspect of thoughts, sensations, and emotions that arise constantly within our immediate experience. As we become more familiar with ourselves in this way, we can begin to relax into this natural process and develop a deep and abiding appreciation for all the aspects of ourselves, others, and the world.

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