Dharma Ocean Podcast

Episode 31: Mahamudra and Modern Physics

Today, Reggie invites us to consider a recent discovery in modern physics: that everything in the universe ultimately is born from nothing, from the universe itself down to the tiniest particles at subatomic levels. We are able to have direct experiential knowledge of this basic reality when we allow our limited viewpoints to dissolve into emptiness through meditation practice and witness the energy of our existence arise from that. In this way, the journey of meditation reflects a universal process of death and birth that occurs for all that is: from atoms and trees to stars and galaxies, and all of being itself.

This talk was given last Spring during our Mahamudra for the Modern World retreat at the Blazing Mountain Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado. To download more of Reggie’s teachings and to explore a variety of audio listening guides to assist you on your spiritual journey, please visit our store.

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