Dharma Ocean Podcast

Episode 35: Emotional Awakening – Part II

Today’s podcast features the second part of Reggie’s talk on the wisdom of emotions. Emotions in themselves, he says, are not a problem — they are simply explosions of awakened energy. The problem occurs when we attach self-referential storylines to emotions, judging and assigning meaning to them accordingly. If we look closely, we can see that emotions actually “blow wide open” our interpretations, storylines, and judgments about experience. By staying present to the intensity of our emotional life, we learn how the natural energy of emotions can potentially liberate us from our ideas and guide us back to the basic space of our inherent being.

This talk was given at the 2006 Advanced Meditating with the Body retreat held in Crestone, Colorado. To download more of Reggie’s teachings and to explore a variety of audio listening guides to assist you on your spiritual journey, please visit our store.

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