Sutrayana Mahayana

TEACHER Callista Brown

Having deepened our understanding of the nature of our suffering and the resources that the Hinayana offers, we discover a yearning within to go further. As our experience of openness and spaciousness deepens, bodhicitta, the awakened heart-mind natural to all sentient beings, arises, and our orientation shifts more and more toward others. We need a view that can encompass the vast and profound world unfolding in our experience – that is the view offered by the Mahayana.

This Mahayana course is open to those who have completed the Dharma Ocean Hinayana course – either through successfully completing the written exam or through steady attendance at the Hinayana live gatherings and discussion groups. Also welcome to enroll are those who have completed Sutrayana studies in previous years, including Tantrikas.

Registration information:

  • The last two weeks of the course will be dedicated to written and oral exams.
  • The course website, with orientation information is open when you register.
  • Registration closes February 6th.