Introductory Resources

This one-hour guided meditation shows how to bring together the various foundational practices into a daily practice session. The first track presents a conceptual overview of embodied meditation. The practice itself begins with the second track. We recommend developing a thorough familiarity with these before exploring Awakening the Heart practices.


  1. Mindfulness as an Embodied Practice Reginald A. Ray 4:33
  2. Relaxing Into the Practice Reginald A. Ray 7:23
  3. 10-Points Practice 10-Points Practice 27:47
  4. Earth Breathing Reginald A. Ray 8:30
  5. Transitioning Into a Relaxed Sitting Posture Reginald A. Ray 5:44
  6. Mindfulness of Breath Reginald A. Ray 5:31
  7. Mindfulness Awareness Practice Reginald A Ray

Source: Meditating with the Body 2005 & 2007, Dathun 2010-11